About Me

Debbie Brooks Wolfe

Hi! I’m Debbie. I am a photographer, author, and freelance writer. I cover all topics in home, gardening, and food niches. 

My Digital Content Offerings:

  • Published hundreds of DIY tutorials with step-by-step photography for leading home and garden media outlets.
  • Speaks at garden conferences as an herb grower and DIY expert for using herbs. Presentations include the Great Grow Along (2022) and the Northwest Flower and Garden Show (2019)
  • Loves all plants but is an avid houseplant and succulent collector
  • Author of Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts and Crafting with Herbs, from Skyhorse Publishing

Expertise & Experience 

I have contributed hundreds of home and garden articles and DIY tutorials for leading media outlets and retailers, including HGTV, Real Simple, Forbes Advisor, The Spruce, Home Depot, Walmart, Popular Science, Bob Vila, and Mother Earth News. My photography skills and DIY knowledge have helped me carve a career path in creating step-by-step tutorials for leading media outlets. I write for various home and garden topics but love discussing herbs and houseplants. 

I am mostly known for my expertise in growing herbs and how to use them, especially in crafting projects. I have led hands-on herb crafting demonstrations at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and taught gardening classes locally at botanical gardens and community centers. My DIY talent and photography skills are showcased in my published titles, Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts and Crafting with Herbs. The books feature a variety of practical DIY projects to beautify your garden and home with stunning step-by-step photography and instructions. 


I am a graduate of Northland College, located on the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin. I double majored in Earth Sciences and Creative Writing. I have a Bachelor of Science degree. I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing at Middle Georgia State University.

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