About Me

Debbie Wolfe_My_Edits Hi there! Welcome to my little spot on the net.

My online writing career began when I decided to stay home with my two young sons. I wanted to make extra income, so I decided to use my training as a writer. Little did I know that the world of online writing was VERY different from the creative writing training I received in college many, many years ago.  I learned how to write for an online audience and the rest is history.

I’m mostly known for my DIY tutorials.  Nonetheless, my writing is diverse. I’ve written very personal essays, well-researched articles about fire ants and mosquitoes and even covered trending news.  The majority of my articles are accompanied by photos taken by me. I am not a professionally trained photographer (unless you count the photography class I took in college), but a self-taught amateur who loves to explore life.

I start most of my days with a cup of coffee or two. Next, it’s a bit of writing, then a bit of kid and dog wrangling, then a craft project and of course, making dinner. I help tell stories and teach people how to create with well-written, to the point tutorials and fabulous step by step photography.  I can help you define your vision, express your emotions and capture your best side.  Want to work together? Drop me a line.